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- Hand-drawn pen and ink/pigment ink commissions on paper - either to support an existing body of work or to create images to a theme.


- Digitally coloured drawings suitable for printing, all file types available. 

Original ink drawing can be included for framing if desired.


I am proficient with all forms of ink work including Indian ink, Pigment Inks, as well as Japanese brush pens. I use Fabriano 200 gsm paper for all commissions. You  can purchase my available freehand original drawings directly from me via my online shop.

I am continually adding to my own body of personal work outside
of my client-based jobs. I have exhibited my ink drawings on paper and wood in many cities throughout the UK as well as Mexico, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, China and the USA.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested or have any further questions.

Here is a selection of my favourite pieces below:



- I specialise in 12" vinyl LP covers and all format release artwork.


- Digital Marketplace branding, promotional items such as posters, flyers and digital release necessities.


- Logos, Typography, lettering and layout design.

Every project is as different as the artist who commissions it so if you are interested but have not yet defined your project, feel free to message me directly via WhatsApp and we can discuss how to get started and draw up a brief. If you a have a brief prepared feel free to email me with all necessary attachments for a quote.


As well as independently arranged work I also accept jobs through the agency Creative Commission.



- Hand painted murals, specialising in brush work.

- Hand painted signwriting.


- Exterior and interior venue decor.

I started painting murals in my early days as an artist, mainly in live art performances and decor at music events and whilst travelling. After working as a pub's signwriter I combined the two skills to create my decor service JFCS.


I have worked for a variety of clients including Four Quarters, Viva Dalston, Croydon Boxpark, Elastic, Craft Beer Rising, Goose Island Beer Company, Smirnoff, Guinness, The Birds Nest, Undercurrents Gallery, Holiday Inn and Waltham Forest Borough of Culture as well as a wide variety of London bars and pubs.


For more details about this service please visit my JFCS dedicated site or

contact me with any enquiries.

Here is a combined selection of my mural and decor work below:


I have trained in Scenic Painting for stage and film at DAP Studio in Wickwar, South Gloucestershire with James Rowse. 

Scenic painting is aiming to achieve various faux effects and textures on economic surfaces on film and theatre sets. This selection below are created by hand on either MDF composite wood or vacuum formed plastic.

If you wish to discuss any scenic work you can contact me with any enquiries.

Some examples of these faux effects are below including Marbling, Gold Leaf,

Granite, Steel, Brickwork, Aging, Mahogany and others:

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