Hello much loved wellwishers! I am ecstatic to announce I will be selling my original freehand artwork from my new online shop 'JOEFUR ORIGINALS' from January 2020! All production, shipping and handling will be done by myself and I will be updating new products here as they emerge. I am moving from printmaking being my core practice to original pieces (both painted and drawn) and I am really enjoying the results! T-shirts, screenprints and books will be available from time to time however the main focus will be on original artwork (including the new 'Fifty Quid Freehand' mini freehand drawings all on sale for £50). Other prices of Originals vary. Please check it out and tell your friends! Link in the Menu x

(Featured Artwork:

'Howl' Original Freehand Ink Drawing. Dip Pen and Ink. Signed. 32.5 x 29.7 cm. £500

Drawn Freehand using a Tachikawa Japanese Dip Pen and Indian Ink on Acid Free 130gsm Paper. Signed. 32.5 x 29.7 cm. 2020.)

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